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Arrangements for the first day of term - Friday 31st August 2018


Drop Off:

KS2 - years 3-6

arrive at the new site for 8.40am where staff members will be at the gate to direct you.


KS1 - years 1-2

arrive at the original site for whistle to be blown as normal at 8.50am (infant gate only will be open at the original site in the morning and the afternoon)




Parents are welcome to arrive at the new site at 2.30am to look around - alternatively collection is at 3pm


KS1 - finish at normal time 3.05, collect children from the classroom as normal.


Breakfast club and afterschool club will run as normal from the original site - therefore please drop off and pick up in the normal way - however please note NEW TIME FOR LATEST ADMISSION AT BREAKFAST CLUB WILL NOW BE 8.20am - this is to give staff a chance to clear away and be ready to walk the children to their classrooms at 8.30am.

Transistion Arrangements September 2018

Whats Going Down 2018

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