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Booking in of Key Worker Children

Starting from Wednesday 6th January there will be in school provision for children of Key Workers and Vulnerable Children.

Any vulnerable children's parents will be contacted directly by school today, however if you are classified as a key worker please ensure the attached form is completed and returned to us on the following email address by 12pm today: (form can be found on dojo)

(If you are unable to print or complete this form electronically, please ensure the content is specified in an email)

You will then be contacted at some point in the afternoon to confirm whether we are able to offer a space in the
key worker groups, starting from Wednesday 6th January.

Please be aware that there will be a limited number of places available in these groups to allow pupils and staff to maintain a safe distance.

A full list of keyworkers can be found on the government website at:

However in summary Key Workers fall into the categories below:
• Health and Social Care
• Education and childcare
• Key Public Services
• Local and national government
• Food and the other necessary goods
• Public safety and national security
• Transport
• Utilities, communication and financial services.

The overriding message is that the government has asked parents to keep their children at home,
wherever possible; this is to heavily reduce the number of children in schools in order to limit the spread of the virus and both support and maximise the capacity of our NHS.

I appreciate this gives families very little notice to make child care arrangements but unfortunately school leaders heard the announcement at the same time as the public.

I also appreciate the tremendous sacrifices you will be making to have your children at home over the coming weeks.

Please know that you will not be alone and we will do all we can to provide a quality education and support you and your child/ren at home.

Golden Regards
Simon and the Newlands Team.