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Newsletter 10.07.2020

Dear parents, carers and children
Just a couple of updates before the end of term: 


A couple of families have been in contact about drop offs and pick-ups and we do recognise that this can be complex if you have several children and juggling times. Our aim will be to work with individual families and organise a 1 drop off and pick up time – as this will reduce the numbers of people on site. If you are a family that will need a ‘group’ drop off pick up time then we would ask that you email into so that we can begin co-ordinating with you from 24th August 


We have had some guidance from the LA and Department for Education about them wanting schools to all be back in by 1st September. With this in mind we will use the transition days on Thursday 27th and Friday 28th August to show you how our procedures work for those families who have not been back to school yet via classdojo. Our intention will be to be up and ready for everyone to return on Tuesday 1st September. We will obviously keep you posted during the week beginning 24th August as we may have been given new guidance or circumstances have changed. 


Early Years transition plan and Mini Meteorites opening will remain the same.  
Finally a massive thank you to everyone in our Newlands family – this has been a very unusual and difficult time – however you have done an amazing job and we have really appreciated all your kind words and gifts! Stay safe and I hope you manage to enjoy some sunshine.
Golden Regards Simon and the Newlands Team