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Our Classroom Routines

At Newlands, we have clear and consistent methods to gain attention and understand classroom instructions.


In EYFS/Y1, if we want children to stop still, we use:

A tambourine or bell to stop

In Y1 to Y6, if we want children to stop still, we use:

‘Tap tap Tappety Tap’- Immediate attention.

If we want conversation to draw to a close, we say:


Non-verbal alternative

Copying action (silent)


If we want children to talk to a partner (paired talk), we say:

‘Talk to your partner’

This means: knee to knee and facing each other.


If we want to know what everybody knows quickly, we use small wipeboards and say:

123 Show me

This means: all children to hold up whiteboards at the same time.


When we want to make sure that all children have understanding we use 'No Hands Up'

This means: we choose a lolly stick to be used to promote engagement from all pupils