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School Vision

We are currently consulting with our children, their parents, governors and the wider community as we believe that a fresh vision is right for the new phase in our school's journey.


We would like to change our school's motto to:


Shine Bright


We think that this captures everything we want for our children and will be easily understood by all within our school. We believe that it links well with our logo, which was chosen many years ago to commemorate the discovery of 'The Barwell Meterorite'.



Our Draft Vision was jointly drafted with our governors, staff and parents on 26th August 2022.

In this second phase of consultation, as a visitor to our website, your views on our vision would also be welcomed. Please email: and we will ensure that they are taken into consideration too.

At Newlands Community Primary School we ‘Shine Bright’


We hold our heads high and look towards the brightest of futures.


We have pride in ourselves; we ensure that our academic learning, physical health and mental wellbeing secure the highest levels of success for all.


We have pride in our school; we believe in our school and look outwards to find the best opportunities to support our children.


We have pride in our community; we care for one another as well as the world around us. We are inclusive, tolerant, respectful and welcoming to all.