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123 Magic at Newlands Community Primary School

What is 123 Magic?

123 Magic is an approach to managing behaviour within our school. We have decided to adapt our current approach to behaviour, following feedback regarding the previous system.

How Does it Work?

Your child will start the year with a class meeting. In this meeting, they will decide ‘START’ and ‘STOP’ behaviours, which will be displayed in the classroom.

If your child shows that they are using ‘START’ behaviours (tidying up, lining up quietly, getting on with work quickly, etc) they will be rewarded with dojo points, stickers, certificates, visits to see Mrs Coates, Miss Brown and Mrs Cooling, a text home etc.

If your child is seen to do one of the STOP behaviours, we use this new, consistent approach.

Behaviour is seen by a member of staff. Member of staff says, calmly ‘That’s one’ and shows one finger. Learning continues and behaviour is not seen again. NO FURTHER ACTION.

Behaviour is seen again. Member of staff says, calmly ‘That’s two.’ and shows two fingers. Learning continues and behaviour is not seen again. NO FURTHER ACTION.

We will not inform you if your child receives a 1 or a 2 in class.

What happens if my child is given 3?

If the behaviour continues after a ‘2’ is given, the staff member will say ‘That’s three and show 3 fingers. At this point, the child will be given a short (5 mins) time out within the classroom as a way to ‘reset’. After that time, the child will return to learning and no further action is taken.

We will contact you if your child receives a 3, as this may highlight that we need to look at some additional support for your child or it may also highlight that a child needs to talk about their emotional health.

What about serious incidents (bullying, physical violence, etc)?

Serious incidents will be dealt with as they always have been. These are outside 123 Magic and will be escalated to Miss Brown, our Deputy Headteacher initially. Parents will be invited in for a meeting to discuss consequences. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy to physical violence of any kind, so these incidents will always be dealt with.

Can I use this at home?

Absolutely! The system is often recommended by health professionals as it is clear, consistent and easy to use. Once the children are comfortable with this approach, we will be running some parent sessions so that you can use this at home, should you wish.

Who can I talk to if I have any questions?

Please do come and talk to any of us at Newlands if you have further questions. Mrs Coates, Miss Brown, Mrs Henly and Mrs Cooling are all around on the gates at the start and end of each day.


Newlands Community Primary School- September 2022

Draft Behavioural Policy 2022 and Behaviour Written Principles Statement 2022