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*****Due to COVID-19 the school kitchen is currently only offering a packed lunch service only*****

*****Due to COVID-19 ALL KS1 children MUST take our school packed lunch that they are entitled to*****


KS2 children can either bring in a packed lunch from home (in a washable lunchbox) or they are welcome to purchase a school packed lunch at a cost of £2.30


All lunches must be paid for in advance of being taken via our online payment system


Our packed lunches consist of the following:

Roll with various fillings including: Cheese, Ham, Tuna, Egg, Jam or Plain with Butter

Veg Sticks

Fruit Bag

Cake or Biscuit


As the weather is now turning colder we are in the process of agreeing a warm finger food option for every day. Until this has been passed by the dieticians at County Hall we have the following temporary measures in place:


Monday - Warm Pizza

Tuesday - Warm Pizza

Wednesday - Warm Pizza

Thursday - Warm Pizza

Friday - Hot Dog & Chips


Please note that our warm pizza option will be served as a packed lunch above with the veg sticks, fruit bag and cake or biscuits.


****We are no longer running a pre-order system, all children can order their preference for lunch at morning registration with their teacher****