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Newlands Community Primary School

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Who's who

Senior Leadership Team


Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Dale


Deputy Headteacher and Deputy DSL

Mrs Cooling


School Business Manager

Mrs Plaza


Family Liaison Officer/ELSA. Deputy DSL

Mrs Henly


SENDco and Deputy DSL

Miss Hunt


Behaviour Lead and Deputy DSL

Miss Madeley


Early Years Lead

Miss Pullen


Key Stage 2 Lead

Mr Ella


Teaching Team




Class Teachers

Miss Pullen - EYFS Leader

Miss Higson

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Brunt

Miss Cameron


Year One and Two Team


Class Teachers

Mr Lathan - Year 1 Lead

Miss Brown

Miss Hunt

Mrs McEntee - Year 2 Lead

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Parry

Miss Cameron

Mrs Hind


Year Three and Four Team


Class Teachers

Mr Causon - Year 3/4 Lead

Mrs Hill

Mrs Connolly

Miss Norris

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Welch

Miss Cole

Mr Wyness
Miss Langham


Year Five and Six Team


Class Teachers

Mr Ella - Key Stage 2 Lead

Mrs Thompson - Year 5 Lead

Miss Madeley

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Davies

Mrs Wade

Miss Thompson

Mrs Davis

Mrs Dingley


Midday Supervisor Team

Mrs Dunn

Mrs Osbourne

Miss Foster

Mrs Chamberlain

Mrs Vesty


Admin and Site Team


Administrative Assistants

Miss Marcus

Mrs Hambridge


Site Manager

Mr Woodhouse


Cleaning Team

Mrs Langham

Ms Coley

Miss Dunn