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Years 3 & 4

Welcome to Lower Juniors!

Our Topics 2019-2020 


  • Burps, Bottoms and Bile
  • Tremors
  • I am Warrior!
  • Flow 
  • Traders and Raiders 

Lower Junior Welcome Afternoon

Handling animal organs

Roald Dahl Day

Virtual Reality Experience (Burps, Bottoms and Bile Topic Launch)

The children enjoyed a fantastic topic launch, taking part in a Virtual Reality experience. After being shrunk to the size of a raspberry, we journeyed down from the mouth, all the way through our digestive system. Along the way we spotted features of each organ and thought about why it was needed. We also took a trip around our circulatory system, following the path of blood from our heart all around the body. 
Some of our highlights from 2018-19...

Massed Choir at De Montfort Hall

Caythorpe - Wednesday 8th May - Friday 10th May


Mrs Lowe's Diary - Day 1


Its 10.15pm as I write this and most of the bedrooms are quiet - thought not all!  We had a great afternoon, despite the rain, with groups taking pare in aeroball, trapeze and raft-building.


We enjoyed a huge evening meal then a rowdy disco to tire us out (hopefully!) before bedtime.


The children have been amazing so far, supportive of one another and displaying the usual Gold Newlands standard of behaviour. 


Further updates to follow (the WiFi seems unreliable so photos might have to wait until we get home) - watch this space!


Mrs Lowe's Diary - Day 2


Day 2 was more jam-packed than we could possibly have imagined! After a huge breakfast - some children packed away cereal, fruit, toast, yoghurt AND a full cooked breakfast - we started the day's activities.


These included climbing, archery, quad-biking and a rope obstacle course. The rain barely let up all day but that didn't dampen our enthusiasm or enjoyment.  Our evening activity was a raucous campfire with lots of silly songs - though by then we had some very tired faces! The children were more than ready for bed by 9pm and all was silent - apart from some gentle snoring! - before 10pm.


Looking round the rooms, the packing is going to take some doing tomorrow before we leave - what a mess!

Music Concert 29th March 2019

On Friday 29th March, we were joined by some wonderful Birds of Prey and their handler Dave. Children were able to meet a White-faced Owl, a Harris Hawk, a Bald Eagle and a Barn Owl. Highlights included watching the birds feed, and experiencing them flying over our heads! Everyone learnt lots about these fabulous birds and how they are adapted to their role as a predator. 

Tropical Birdland Visit 21st March 2019

Storyteller Alec Williams visit

Linked to our World Book Day celebrations, we were pleased to be visited by storyteller Alec Williams on Friday 8th March. He shared a range of stories, riddles and poems with us - including a rather scary ghost story that had us jumping and laughing in equal measure! 
To celebrate World Book Day on Thursday 7th March, we enjoyed coming to school dressed as a book character linked to the theme 'Fairytales and Villains'. Children took part in a range of activities related to books and stories, and were given a free book as well as their £1 book token. 
To launch our new topic, Predator!, we were visited by animals from Lion Learner. Children got to look and and hold a number of animals, including rabbits, a blue-tongued skink, a crested gecko, hissing cockroaches, a cornsnake, and even a tarantula! Many children were very brave in handling the animals, in some cases conquering fears. They also learnt a lot about each animal, where it lives, what it eats and how it stays safe. A super start to the topic! 
As a part of our Potions topic, we have been thinking about solids, liquids and gases. We focused in on liquids this week, and thought about a special property they have called viscosity. We tested the viscosity of different liquids by seeing which would flow the fastest down a ramp. We had great fun watching the 'race' and cheering for the liquid we predicted would be fastest! 

Skipping Day

We were lucky to be joined by two skipping experts, who taught us how to skip in different ways. Lots of fun was had trying out the big skipping rope too! 

Christmas Music

Just before Christmas, we were treated to some fabulous festive music from our musicians - everyone got in the Christmas spirit, singing along to our favourite songs. Well done to all of the children, for being brave and performing in front of the whole school! 

End of Unit celebration - Pizza Making!

For our end of unit celebration, we combined our topic on food with our English work on recipes. We followed recipes to create pitta bread pizzas, with the help of our family.  
To end an exciting week, Friday 14th September was our Chocolate day. We were joined by Carl from the Ministry of Chocolate, who shared all of his knowledge and skills to help us become Level 10 chocolatologists! We learnt all about where chocolate comes from, how it is made, which ingredients are healthy and which are not, and the history of chocolate. We also become chocolate tasters, using our 5 senses to describe a piece of chocolate, before taking part in 'The Great British Choc Off', designing and making our own chocolate treat. We had a super time! 

Roald Dahl Day 2018

We had a great day on Thursday 13th September, celebrating Roald Dahl day. Children came dressed as their favourite characters, and spent the day taking part in Roald Dahl themed activities, as part of our topic Scrumdiddlyumptious. One of our highlights of the day was taking part in a Virtually Live Draw-along with Quentin Blake. 
Some of our highlights from 2017-2018...

Musicians - end of term concert

Traders and Raiders

Blue Abyss end of unit celebration - Art Attack!

To round off our Blue Abyss topic, we were joined by parents and carers to create some super artwork. Each child created a sea creature by wrapping string and tin foil around a cardboard shape, then carefully adding a colourful design using felt tip pens. We then created an underwater scene on the playground, with all of the sea creatures coming together to form a piece of giant underwater art. 

Sealife Centre Trip

As part of our topic Blue Abyss, we recently enjoyed a trip to the Sealife Centre in Birmingham. We had a fabulous time discovering fascinating creatures from across the world, having a special Behind the Scenes tour, watching a film in the 4D cinema, and walking through an amazing 360 degree tunnel. 

Budding Musicians!

On Thursday 22nd March, those children who have been working hard learning an instrument gave their first performance to parents. They all did a fabulous job, overcoming nerves to give an impressive performance. Well done! 

Korky Paul visit

On Tuesday 20th March we were lucky to be visited by illustrator Korky Paul. He talked to us about his work creating illustrations, and showed how to use your imagination to create interesting characters. We were then entertained by a story all about golden underpants! 

Lower Junior 500 word winners!

Congratulations to our three winners of our Lower Junior 500 word competition. Lots of children took on the challenge to write an exciting story in 500 words or less, and we had a difficult decision choosing the best from each class. 

Tremors end of unit celebration

To conclude our unit 'Tremors', we had a celebration event involving all three classes. We began with an inter-class quiz with questions all about mountains, volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, fossils and Mary Anning. We then became paleontologists, carefully extracting dinosuars and mystery objects from frozen jelly, just like scientists would chip rock away from fossils. We have very much enjoyed this topic, and lots has been learnt. 
On Thursday 13th March we celebrated Science Day. We learnt a little about some famous scientists, and explored some of the different branches of science through practical investigations. We tested out our ideas about floating and sinking, watched how coloured sweets can be used to create a rainbow, and had a tower building competition. A great time was had by all! 

World Book Day - Thursday 1st March 2018

On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day. Each class was given a mystery bag containing exciting objects to write a story about. In a few weeks we will be visited by a famous illustrator who will help us add pictures to our story. We had a great time dressing up as Mr Men and Little Miss characters, and we enjoyed sharing stories with our parents and siblings. 

Massed Choir at De Montfort Hall

In December, a group of children from years 4, 5 and 6 took part in a Massed Choir at De Montfort Hall. The children had spent several weeks learning songs at our after school choir, ready for the event. The children were fantastic, and a credit to Newlands. 

Tremors Topic Launch

End of Unit Celebration - Burbs, Bottoms and Bile

We had a great time this Friday, with our end of unit celebration activities. We considered whether baked beans really do make you gassy, made a model of the digestive system, and investigated what it feels like to burp with the help of some fizzy water!