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Years 5 & 6

Welcome to years 5 and 6, also known as Upper Juniors.


Upper Juniors are split into 3 classes. A Year 5 class taught by Mrs Thompson, a Year 5 and 6 class taught by Mr Causon and a Year 6 class taught by Mr Whelan. Children in these classes are supported by Mrs Pegg (Learning Support Assistant/Cover Supervisor) and Miss Bradley (Learning Support Assistant).


We will keep this page updated with useful information and links to some of the exciting things we've been doing.


If you have any ideas of what you think should be included on the page, let your teacher know! 

Kingswood Day 3


We had a fantastic day yesterday and really enjoyed our time rock-pooling and chilling on the beautiful beach in the glorious sunshine!


A boisterous disco to the end of the day tired the children out before bed and now we're all packed and ready for a few more activities before lunch then heading home.


We made really good time on the way here so I'm hopeful we might be back earlier than the planned 6.30pm, but will keep you posted.


And when we're home, I'll finish putting the photos on the website so keep an eye out.


Mrs Lowe

Kingswood Residential - Day 2


The children slept well after a jam-packed day of activities, finished off by a campfire complete with hot chocolate and some very raucous singing!


We've just finished breakfast and are enjoying some free time before our morning activities start.  Then, after lunch, we're off to the beach!


The sun is due to shine and it should be another lovely day. I'll keep adding photos onto the website as often as I can so keep checking!

Kingswood Residential - Day 1


Our first full day of activities are well under way and as I write the children are enjoying abseiling, climbing, fencing and laser quest!


Last night we enjoyed a moonlit walk along the coast before bed. The children all slept - eventually! - and enjoyed an enormous cooked breakfast this morning.


The sun is shining but the sea air is bracing to say the least!


The WIFI here is a bit patchy so I'll post majority of our photos on our return but will keep you updated throughout our stay.


Mrs Lowe

Malamutes visit - Friday 9th February


As part of our Frozen Kingdom topic, we were lucky enough to welcome Shane from Sled Dogs as Therapy UK who brought three of his gorgeous malamutes in for us to meet, so we could learn a little more about how these amazing creatures have adapted to be so well-suited to their natural cold habitat. 

Heathlane Visit - Monday 18th December


Mrs Lowe's class visited Heathlane Academy for an exciting morning of cooking, followed by being forensic scientists! As you can see from the photos, they had a great time!

London residential - October 2017

We had an amazing time on our two day visit to London, and managed to pack SO much into our time! The children - and the staff! - were all torn over which part was their favourite - how could we choose between the London Eye, the Thames boat trip, burgers at Planet Hollywood, the Natural History Museum, a west end show. . . The list seems endless! And of course, all the children were impeccably behaved when we were out and about, showing the usual gold Newlands behaviour. And now that we've all had chance to get our breath back and catch up on some much-needed sleep, we're already beginning to plan next year's trip - watch this space!

The Victory Show at Cosby - Friday 8th September 2017


We all had a great day at the Victory Show at Cosby last week, despite the torrential rain when we arrived! We were lucky enough to meet a wide range of re-enactors who talked very knowledgeably about their specialist area, from weapons, rations, vehicles to entertainment! They were kind enough to let the children be very hands-on with their exhibits, as you will see from the photos! The children learned a lot and, of course, displayed Newlands Gold behaviour all day! 

Our new topic - Pharaohs


To launch our new topic, Pharaohs, Upper Junior took part in a range of activities to learn a little more about Ancient Egyptian culture. These activities included, practising writing using hieroglyphics, making papyrus and mummifying tomatoes! 

Making papyrus!

Botanic Garden trip - Friday 12th May


The Upper Junior department visited the Botanic Garden in Leicester to learn about food sustainability and think a little more deeply about where the food they eat comes from. We saw exotic plants from all over the world, a slightly rude-looking seed (!) and tasted some new and exotic fruits. Despite a shocking forecast, the weather was kind to us and we had a lovely day! 

Premiership trophy comes to Newlands!

Premiership trophy comes to Newlands! 1
Premiership trophy comes to Newlands! 2
Premiership trophy comes to Newlands! 3

Blists Hill Victorian Town visit - Tuesday 28th February 2017

We had a fantastic day at Blists Hill today, despite the sporadic rain and being so cold! It was fascinating to see so many replica shops and businesses and the children enjoyed seeing how life in Britain has changed so dramatically in the past 150 years or so. They asked and answered lots of questions and enjoyed spending their money, especially in the sweet shop! As always, they were impeccably behaved and a credit to Newlands. 

Reading Pro


Children in Years 5 and 6 have recently been introduced to Reading Pro. A letter will be coming home soon to tell parents and carers all about it. You can access Reading Pro using the link below. Children all have a user name and password to use (these are case sensitive). Remember to only take a quiz if you have finished a book!

Please note, if you are asked for the organisation ID when you open the page, it is 7KC5.



Christmas bauble making - Friday 2nd December

The children had a lovely time today decorating ceramic baubles with a festive design! You can see from the photos below how hard they concentrated and how rightfully proud they are of the finished pieces. Their creations will be available to buy from Monday each day after school at a cost of £2 each, to include a gift box. 

Animal Encounter!

Thursday 1st December 2016

Today we were lucky enough to welcome Miss Harness from Lion Learners in to school with her wide collection of animals - some familiar ones and others less so! She talked to us about the different ways the animals are adapted to the environment in which they live and of course we got to hold and stroke the animals too. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience - despite a little trepidation from some at first - and Miss Harness commented on what a pleasure they were to work with, how well they listened and answered questions and how confidently they handled the animals, even the snake and tarantula! 

Manor Adventure Residential Trip - Mrs Lowe's diary


Monday 10th October

Well, we've all arrived safe and well and are having lots of fun so far! I'm writing this having just turned the children's lights out in their dormitories though given the amount of giggling I can hear, and the amount of sweets and fizzy pop they've packed away so far I don't think they'll be doing any sleeping for a while yet! We've completed two activities tonight, two out of orienteering, fencing, initiative exercises, caving and bivouac building and we're looking forward to lots more fun and excitement tomorrow. The wifi isn't great so I'm afraid you might have to wait for photos until we get home. I'll post again tomorrow - I'm off now to try to persuade the children that some sleep at least would be a good idea! 


Tuesday 11th October

Day two is drawing to a close and it's been an incredibly fun and full day! We started off the day with a very substantial breakfast of bacon, sausage, eggs, tomato and beans, as well as toast and fruit and cereal! Yum yum. Then it was all off together for ninety minutes of crazy 'Manor Olympics' which included very serious sports such as welly-wanging and a screaming race! Then we all split up to do other activities such as obstacle course, rifle-shooting and blind trail. We're just enjoying some free time - and yet more goodies from the vending machines (surely their money must be all spent by now?!) - before a final activity and then bed, hopefully to sleep a little earlier than last night! More updates to follow tomorrow.


Wednesday 12th October

Well, we've passed the halfway point of the week and being at school seems like a distant memory! A couple of the dormitories look like explosions - safe to say, the children are not being too picky about tidying their clothes away neatly! The fun and excitement has continued with abseiling, the underground maze (very dark and wet!) and survival. The groups have gelled really well and everyone has been really kind and encouraging of each other as they try new challenges which is lovely to see. The weather has been a bit changeable today and given that all of our activities are outdoors, please keep your fingers crossed for better weather tomorrow - especially during the three hours we will be kayaking!


Thursday 13th October

Our last full day has been another very full and tiring day, but so much fun! Mr Causon joined us too for the day which was lovely. We all set off after breakfast to walk down to a nearby lake where everyone had a go at both canoeing and kayaking. Several of the children were a bit nervous at first but after only a few minutes, they were all having so much fun and many were paddling like pros! Of course, we did have a few 'man overboard!' incidents which I have to say did NOT look fun given how cold I imagined the water to be but everyone found it very funny and took it in good spirit. At the end of the session there was a lot of chattering teeth and everyone was glad to get back to the Manor to warm up before lunch. This afternoon we were straight onto more activities like low ropes and climbing before beginning the mammoth task of packing ready for our departure tomorrow. I will warn you now that we have A LOT of unclaimed clothes and a lot of missing items! We have two more activities tomorrow before lunch then home. I won't update tomorrow but you will get a text from school of our estimated arrival time back at school - I think it will be about 4pm. See you tomorrow!