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An overview of what's been happening in school this week

What an exciting week of Science we have had this week! Our whole school attendance for last week was 91.3%, which is below our whole school target of 97%, however we are aware Covid has impacted on this. Well done to Mr Lathan’s class, who had the highest attendance for the second week in a row last week, with a great 98.5%! Just a reminder that our gates are open between 8:40am and 8:50am and collection time is 3:05pm.

Mini Meteorites have really enjoyed going on a bear hunt this week. They have read the story ‘We’re Going on Bear Hunt’ and have explored the different settings in the tuff spot – the flour ‘snow’ was a real hit! The children loved exploring Forest School again this week, where they were super excited to discover newts!

Early Years have been learning all about Spring this week. The children have been looking for signs of Spring and have done some beautiful observational drawings of daffodils. Our PSHE learning has been linked to changes in our bodies since we were babies. In Phonics, we have been recapped all of our sounds.

Key Stage 1 really enjoyed making their straw and paper rockets this week as part of Science week. They talked about ‘forces’ and started to think about gravity. They paper folding involved lots of teamwork to ensure they were rolled and folded correctly – great work being Teamwork Turtles Key Stage 1!

Lower Juniors have been growing rainbows this week as part of their exciting Science. The children explored how the dye moves upwards into the paper towel through capillary action to create an amazing rainbow. In addition, some of the children have explored non-Newtonian liquids using cornflour and water – are they a solid or a liquid? In Topic, children have explored the significant emperors of Rome, including Julius Caesar.

Upper Juniors have made exploding fruit volcanoes this week. The children loved seeing how the citric acid reacted with bicarbonate of soda to form a volcanic eruption. We have also been carving soap as part of our artwork linked to Inuit art. The children used a range of carving techniques to produce some amazing designs.

We are looking forward to seeing lots of the children in red this morning in support of Comic Relief. Please get in touch if we can support you in any way or if you feel you can support our learning in school. Thank you for your continued support.