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An overview of what's been happening in school this week

What another busy week in school! Our whole school attendance last week was 94.1%, which is below our whole school target of 97%, however, we appreciate that Covid has made this challenging and thank you for your support. Well done to Mrs McEntee’s who had the highest attendance. Just a reminder that our gates open between 8:40am and 8:50am and collection time is 3:05pm.

Early Years have enjoyed continuing their learning about the polar regions this week and have been sorting animals into polar and non-polar. Can they remember any at home? They have also been very busy learning new digraphs in Phonics – oo, ue and oi – and learning about the number 8.

Key Stage 1 have produced some fabulous art work this week as part of their Muck, Mess and Mixtures topic. They explored the work of the artist Kadinsky and created their own artwork in his style using oil pastels and concentric circles. We are very excited to put in onto Class Dojo and on display at school.

Lower Juniors have enjoyed exploring the volcanic eruption in Pompeii this week. They watched an hour-by-hour retelling of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, considered how the people there might be feeling and what they would do. Can they remember any of the key events at home?

Upper Juniors have continued to travel the world this week through their Frozen Kingdom learning. They have explored the different climate zones across the globe and what their climate is like in relation to the Equator and Tropics. Which ones can they remember at home?

Please get in touch if we can support you in anyway or if you feel you can support our learning in school.